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Memphis Apartment can help you find an apartment near the right schools in Memphis. Schools can be a huge factor when deciding on where you want to live and when you want to move. You can find a list of the schools in Memphis to help make your decision. If you want to find out which school your kids will go to, want to find Memphis apartments located in a strong community environment with great schools in Memphis or simply want to know what schools are in Memphis, you can find all school information here. You may find Moving Companies in Memphis Schools in Memphis Utility Companies in Memphis Grocery Stores in Memphis Medical Centers in Memphis Restaurants in Memphis Fitness Centers in Memphis Beauty Salons in Memphis .

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Gardenview Elementary School
4075 Hartz Dr 
Memphis, TN 38116
Phone: 901-416-3068  


Gateway Baptist Extension School
4070 Macon Rd 
Memphis, TN 38122
Phone: 901-454-0646  


Germanshire Elementary
3965 S Germantown Rd 
Memphis, TN 38125
Phone: 901-416-3733  


Getwell Elementary School
2795 Getwell Rd 
Memphis, TN 38118
Phone: 901-416-0267  


Goodlett Elementary School
3001 S Goodlett St 
Memphis, TN 38118
Phone: 901-416-2510  


Gordon Elementary School
815 Breedlove St 
Memphis, TN 38107
Phone: 901-416-3212  


Grace-St Luke's Episcopal School
246 S Belvedere Blvd 
Memphis, TN 38104
Phone: 901-278-0200  


Graceland Elementary School
3866 Patte Ann Dr 
Memphis, TN 38116
Phone: 901-416-3074  


Grahamwood Elementary School
3950 Summer Ave 
Memphis, TN 38122
Phone: 901-416-5952  


Graves Elementary School
3398 Graves Rd 
Memphis, TN 38116
Phone: 901-416-3086  


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