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Physical fitness facilities nearby Chicago Downtown Apartments   

6118 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL 60660
Phone: 773-338-0969

SIC2 CODE:  79
SIC2 DESCRIPTION:  Amusement and Recreation Services
SIC4 CODE:  7991
SIC4 DESCRIPTION:  Physical fitness facilities
SIC6 CODE:  799101
SIC6 DESCRIPTION:  Physical Fitness Clubs with Training Equipment
NAICS CODE:  71394011
NAICS DESCRIPTION:  Fitness & Recreational Sports Centers

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Fitness-Centers in Chicago Downtown  

Chicago Downtown Apartments for Rent near by Curves

  The Sovereign
Chicago, IL  60660 - COME ENJOY YOUR 90S LIFESTYLE IN A CLASSIC 20S SETTING. This historic landmark is filled with vintage charm, spacious apartments and offers an incredible value. Our location cant be beat, were just steps away from the El, the Sheridan Road Bus, the lakefr


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