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Baker Joyce CNM
Univ Hosp
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Phone: 734-763-2311

SERVICE TYPE:  Clinics & medical centers
SIC2 CODE:  80
SIC2 DESCRIPTION:  Health Services
SIC4 CODE:  8062
SIC4 DESCRIPTION:  General Medical & Surgical Hospitals
SIC6 CODE:  806201
SIC6 DESCRIPTION:  Medical Centers
NAICS CODE:  62211003
NAICS DESCRIPTION:  General Medical & Surgical Hospitals

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Ann Arbor Apartments for Rent near by Baker Joyce CNM

Ann Arbor, MI  48104 - Transfer clause/build buy clause: 6 month minimun stay, $200 paintingfee and one month rent penalty. Schools: Bryant Elem, K-2, PattingillElem, 3-5 gr., Tappan Middle School gr. 6-8, and Pioneer High.

Ann Arbor, MI  48104 - Schools: Burns Park Elementary-Scarlett Middle and Huron High. No job transfer or home purchase clause. Deposit may be reduced to $300 if credit is excellent. No leasing staff onsite MUST SET APPT. Apartments are renovated- new dishwashers- refinished white cabinets- new ..

Ann Arbor, MI  48104 - Allen Elementary; Tappan Middle; Huron High. Open M-F 8:30-5:30-closed for lunch from 12-1pm. Lease termination clause costs $100 to add to lease and if used the fee is equal to 1 months rent; requires at least a 4 month stay; 30 day notice. Great location to parks- golf ..

Ann Arbor, MI  48104 -

Ann Arbor, MI  48104 -


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