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Elementary and secondary schools nearby Cordova Apartments   

Douglass Elementary School
1650 Ash St
Memphis, TN 38108
Phone: 901-416-5946

SIC2 CODE:  82
SIC2 DESCRIPTION:  Educational Services
SIC4 CODE:  8211
SIC4 DESCRIPTION:  Elementary and secondary schools
SIC6 CODE:  821103
SIC6 DESCRIPTION:  Public elementary and secondary schools
NAICS CODE:  61111007
NAICS DESCRIPTION:  Elementary & Secondary Schools

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Schools in Cordova  

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  The Grove At Shelby Farms
Cordova, TN  38108 - Offering luxuriously appointed one, two and three bedroom garden apartment homes. The Grove at Shelby Farms is located in the heart of Cordova. Directly attached to Shelby Farms Park, you will enjoy 4,500 acres of tranquil open recreation area and natur


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