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Telephone Communication, Except Radio nearby Burbank Apartments   

Advanced Data Protection Svc
2800 N Naomi St
Burbank, CA 91504
Phone: 818-566-8200

SERVICE TYPE:  Local and Long Distance Telephone Communications
SIC2 CODE:  48
SIC2 DESCRIPTION:  Communications
SIC4 CODE:  4813
SIC4 DESCRIPTION:  Telephone Communication, Except Radio
SIC6 CODE:  481301
SIC6 DESCRIPTION:  Local and Long Distance Telephone Communications
NAICS CODE:  51791101
NAICS DESCRIPTION:  Telecommunications Resellers

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  Town Center
Burbank, CA  91504 - VIRTUALLY EVERY 1 AND 2 BEDROOM TOWNHOME AT TOWN CENTER OVERLOOKS A CAPTIVATING ARCHITECTURAL SETTING AND LUSH COURTYARD LANDSCAPING. In addition, Town Center is located close to well-known movie studios, commercial centers, office complexes, restaurants

Burbank, CA  91504 - Includes refrigerators. Lush landscaping. Nearby park And studios. Walkingdistance from Media Center. 2 blocks from Hughes Market. Very nicearea. 5 minutes from Jefferson Elementary School.

Burbank, CA  91504 - Close to schools, shopping, and fw 5. Large units for the price. Nicequiet street.


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