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  Outer Drive Manor
23935 West Outer Drive
Melvindale, MI 48122
Phone: 313-386-5088
Fax: 313-386-5425    
OUTER DRIVE MANOR. . . offers comfort and convenience for any lifestyle. Enjoy a variety of shopping, dining and entertainment with easy access to major freeways and only minutes away from Detroit Metro Airport. With all of this at your fingertips, why wo

Directions: Driving Directions
Take the Southfield Freeway to Outer Drive, we are located between Southfield Road and Allen Road on Outer Drive.

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    A J Williams, Inc.
    25435 Outer Drive
    Melvindale, MI 48122
    Industry: Heavy construction, misc
    Phone: 313-383-4288  


    Dennis Heating & Cooling, Inc.
    17501 Francis Street
    Melvindale, MI 48122
    Industry: Plumbing, heating, air-conditioning
    Phone: 313-388-1990  


    Cross Enterprises, Inc.
    4321 Oakwood Boulevard
    Melvindale, MI 48122
    Industry: Concrete work
    Phone: 313-866-6262  


    D.R.Y.E. Custom Pallets, Inc.
    19400 Allen Road
    Melvindale, MI 48122
    Industry: Wood pallets and skids
    Phone: 313-381-2681  


    Laimbeer Packaging Company LLC
    P.O. Box 3186
    Melvindale, MI 48122
    Industry: Corrugated and solid fiber boxes
    Phone: 313-386-5700  


    Ebonex Corporation
    18400 Rialto Street
    Melvindale, MI 48122
    Industry: Inorganic pigments
    Phone: 313-388-0060  


    Martin Foundries Company
    25401 Outer Drive
    Melvindale, MI 48122
    Industry: Gray and ductile iron foundries
    Phone: 313-383-7500  


    Delray Steel Casting, Inc.
    18900 Rialto Street
    Melvindale, MI 48122
    Industry: Steel foundries, misc
    Phone: 313-386-7100  


    Sheet Metal Industries, Inc.
    19030 Meginnity Street
    Melvindale, MI 48122
    Industry: Steel foundries, misc
    Phone: 313-386-3700  


    Reilly Plating Company
    17760 Clarann Street
    Melvindale, MI 48122
    Industry: Plating and polishing
    Phone: 313-928-6800  

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