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Medical Centers in Millsboro

The most important thing you may want to know is what medical centers are close to your new Millsboro apartment. Having an emergency happen or needing a medical center when you first move to a new Millsboro apartment can be very stressful. Or if your child or family member needs to see an Millsboro medical center for a doctor appointment you will need to know where in Millsboro to go. Please see our comprehensive list of Millsboro medical centers. You may find Moving Companies in Millsboro Schools in Millsboro Utility Companies in Millsboro Grocery Stores in Millsboro Medical Centers in Millsboro Restaurants in Millsboro Fitness Centers in Millsboro .

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Beebe Medical Center
Long Neck Road 
Millsboro, DE 19966
Phone: 302-947-9767  


Cedar Tree Medical Surgical and Urgent Care Center
360 Long Neck Road 
Millsboro, DE 19966
Phone: 302-945-9730  


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