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Spreading out from the banks of the Mississippi River, in the north-central state of Minnesota, Minneapolis and St Paul are colloquially known as the Twin Cities. In Americans and Nothing Else (1980), Trevor Fishlock observes that these cities 'are divided by the Mississippi River, and united by the belief that the inhabitants of the other side of the river are inferior. It is true that there is a friendly rivalry between them, which dates back to the 19th century, when each city padded the 1890 census report in an attempt to
be bigger than the other. Today, with a combined population of 2.9 million, the Twin Cities form the 15th largest metropolitan area in the United States and they flourish in happy symbiosis. Minneapolis has emerged as the more 'modern' of the twins, due to its policy of razing most of its old buildings. The Downtown area contains many striking contemporary buildings designed by leading architects. St Paul has more of a preservationist instinct, with many restored 19th- and early 20th-century buildings. Minneapolis appears more slick and sassy, while St Paul is a laid-back elder brother.

Minneapolis Neighborhood Resources

Moving Companies in Minneapolis
Movers from the Minneapolis area will often times provide moving services work statewide and nationwide. The following is contact information for Minneapolis moving companies that provide moving services including moving storage, moving truck rentals, moving equipment rentals, and moving supplies such as moving boxes in Minneapolis.
Schools in Minneapolis
Schools can be a huge factor when deciding on where you want to live and when you want to move. You can find a list of the schools in Minneapolis to help make your decision. If you want to find out which school your kids will go to, want to find Minneapolis apartments located in a strong community environment with great schools in Minneapolis.
Utility Companies in Minneapolis
It is a good idea to scout ahead and contact your new Minneapolis utility providers to see how you should best go about getting your Minneapolis utilities set up. The following is contact information for various Minneapolis utility companies such as electric and natural gas, telephone communications, water, sewer, and utility lines, waste disposal, garbage collection, and trash removal in the city of Minneapolis.
Grocery Stores in Minneapolis
When you first move to an Minneapolis apartment one of the first things you are going to want to do it stock up your fridge and many Minneapolis grocery stores have pharmacies included. Having food, drinks and other necessary items from the grocery store are essentials when moving.
Medical Centers in Minneapolis
Having an emergency happen or needing a medical center when you first move to a new Minneapolis apartment can be very stressful. Or if your child or family member needs to see an Minneapolis medical center for a doctor appointment you will need to know where in Minneapolis to go.
Beauty Salons in Minneapolis
After you are all moved in to your new Minneapolis apartment, you may want to get your hair done at a beauty salon for a job interview in Minneapolis. Or if you visit one of Minneapolis's many evening hot spots you may want your makeup done at a beauty salon.
Fitness Centers in Minneapolis
Working out in a fitness center can be a great way to meet new people in Minneapolis or work off the stress of moving to your new Minneapolis apartment. you can check our list of Minneapolis fitness centers.If you want to call and see which Minneapolis fitness center has child care or which Minneapolis fitness center is open 24 hours.
Restaurants in Minneapolis
Minneapolis is known for its great cuisine and diverse restaurants. Are you looking for Minneapolis's cheap restaurant or fine restaurant dining? Do you want to know which Minneapolis restaurants are right near your new Minneapolis apartment? Looking for a specialty restaurant in Minneapolis? Maybe you want pizza delivered on moving day to your Minneapolis apartment.

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Featured Minneapolis Apartments for Rent

  Ford Parkway Apts
St. Paul, MN  55116 - This art deco mid 1930ís building is just a jewel in the lovely Highland neighborhood of St. Paul. Both of these 18 unit buildings are situated directly on the corner of Ford Parkway and Fairview Avenue. These retro buildings have both 1 bedroom and studio apartment s wi ..

  Mechanic Avenue Apartments
St. Paul, MN  55119 - secured building, great restaurants and outdoor space. The common areas are well maintained and staff incredibly helpful. Unlike other apartments in this area, it has a large dining tables. It is like having a touch of country right in the out of city.

  Park Place Apartment
Burnsville, MN  55337 - Park Place Apartments sets the standard in maintaining a clean and quiet community. We are a 100% pet smoke-free property registered with Living Smoke Free. As a family owned and managed property we are continuously improving to provide the nicest apartments in Burnsvill ..

  Stratford Flats
St. Paul, MN  55105 - No app fee, but $50 due at time of application.

Blaine, MN  55449 - Newer carpeting in apartments, windows in dining room. Carpet is being replacedin hallways. Pool area will be repaired. Cleaned up this spring.

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